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The WordPress Theme for Affiliate Websites

Easily create professional affiliate websites and achieve a higher conversion rate than standard themes with sophisticated features that offer your visitors a high added value and encourage them to buy.

More than 10,000 satisfied customers can’t be wrong!

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What is the affiliate theme?

The affiliate theme is a premium WordPress theme, perfectly fit for the creation of modern affiliate websites, landing pages or satellite sites. Affiliate Websites are designed to be positioned in the Google SERPs with profitable keywords in order to generate passive income. The traffic that comes from Google or other search engines is forwarded to online shops like amazon and for every single sale the affiliate website generates the online shops pay commissions.

You think this is complicated and time consuming? Wrong. With our WordPress theme you no longer need any plugins or coding skills.

It doesn’t matter whether you are already very experienced or just started doing affiliate marketing. Our affiliate theme is a tool for everyone with the aim to ease the process of building affiliate websites.

The features in detail »

For whom is the theme suitable?

Private customers

You got a special topic you are an expert in? Share your knowledge with others and simultaneously generate a passive income. No coding skills? No problem! With our you can set up powerfull sites without any coding knowledge!


Also companies can profit from the affiliate theme. One example: lead generation for single products. As a company you can build several smaller websites with our WordPress theme and forward the generated traffic to your main page.


You got to many domains and struggle to sell them? Why don’t you create some value and feed your domains with some content? Our theme makes it easy to setup a new page and increase the value of blank domains.

Online marketers

You are a professional online marketer and own a well working business? From now on you no longer need to cobble your websites together using a bunch of unnecessary plugins. Our theme includes everything you need to quickly start a new project.


Probably every SEO guy runs some small side projects on his own, so maybe you too. Our theme helps you to save a lot of time when creating a new affiliate website, so you can concentrate on the important things: the positioning of your content.

Affiliate marketers

You’re supervising affiliate partner programs and want some more? Gain new customers and increase your revenue with professional websites. All you need is our theme, not a ton of performance craving plugins that slow down your website.

Why the affiliate theme?

For beginners and professionals

Our theme is very comprehensive yet clear and self-explaining so that every bloody greenhorn as well as long-established professionals can use it effectively and customize it as far as needed.

From affiliates for affiliates

Through the enormous feedback we got from many professionals (e.g. online marketers, SEO guys and affiliate experts) we were able to create a product that works perfectly in the market it is designed for.

Quality made in Germany

We set ourselves a very high quality standard concerning the affiliate theme. We developed it from scratch all on our own without any unnecessary plugins, search engine friendly and much more.

Top-notch support

The best product in the world is useless if nobody is able to use it. Because of that we not only wrote a huge documentation that is available to everybody but we really want to give you the best support possible.

Constant development

We constantly extend and enhance our affiliate theme, not least because we use it for our own websites. You can clearly assume many new features and advances in the following years.

High-end technology

PageSpeed optimization, cross-browser compatibility and valid source code are only a few highlights of our elaborate concept. As you can see, our theme helps you to create websites with a very high quality.

Individual designs

Each of us has a different imagination about a nice affiliate website. With our product you can give your creativity full scope and develop the webpage you wanted. Almost every wish can be fulfilled.

Responsive design

Nowadays mobile optimization is a standard in web development. Nevertheless we want to emphasize this topic because the number of people who buy products with their mobile devices increases every day.


…in capital letters, because we put a lot of effort into the narrow collaboration with our customer community. Whenever you have problem with our theme or an awesome idea for improvement, tell us!

Our feature overview

Adjustable to all needs in design and layout

Even the best working WordPress theme is useless when all of the websites you build look the same. In the end it won’t fit to the product you are trying to sell.

Because of that we give you the possibility to customize your affiliate website how ever you like it. Almost nothing is impossible.

Through the tremendous amount of features the design customization options (like de-/activating different areas) are nearly infinite, giving you the opportunity to create unique websites without any coding skills.

more information »

A cunning product administration

Core competence of our theme is the cunning product administration. In our common WordPress styled back-end you can create and administer an infinite amount of different products. The front-end of each product remains as customizable as you are used to.

Besides the simple product listing in parallel or one upon the other it is possible to easily generate comparison charts for certain products. Also shops can be compared to one another so the visitor knows in which online shop the product is the cheapest. Rating / review boxes make your website appear more professional which clearly increases the conversion rates.

Moreover you can categorize your products (e.g. brand or type) in many different ways with our system, so you and the visitors always stay on top of things.

more information »

Fresh data through automated processes and different API interfaces

Of course it would be troublesome to create every single product page manually, so we developed a solution for that. Our interfaces to the affiliate partner programs of amazon, zanox and many more provide you with the possibility of importing hundreds of products within minutes.

All important data like title, pictures, reviews and descriptions is collected fully automatic and visualized in the front-end.

more information »

No coding skills needed – thanks to shortcodes

Our theme comes with a ton of helpful shortcodes. Shortcodes allow you to do big things with small effort. Whenever you want to do a certain thing, just pick the right shortcode and save a lot of time.

For example, if you want to limit the products on one specific page to 10, just use the shortcode [product limit=”10″] – it’s as easy as pie. Every time you use a shortcode you basically write hundreds of lines of source code.

We recommend you to read the further information in our documentation to get to know the workflow with shortcodes.

more information »

Increasing interaction rates with predefined widgets

Who knows WordPress a little better might be experienced with widgets. For all of you who don’t know what we mean: “widgets” are little boxes in the sidebar that can be used to (for example) list all categories or brands, provide ads or just give further information.

Besides the usual WordPress themes you might know, we developed some additional widgets that can only be used by owners of our affiliate theme.

For instance a widget that allows you to list products or an interactive product filtering widget that the visitor can use to find the products he is looking for. Likewise the widget area can be used to provide the user with further information about the product or different shops. Everything – the WordPress widgets and our widgets – is fitted to the overall design language.

more information »

We work with the best tools & resources on the market

As a baker uses finished flour instead of cutting and grinding the crop all by himself we used some established resources and tools to create the affiliate theme. One of the resources is “Bootstrap” a HTML and CSS framework from twitter. Bootstrap is so to say the basis of our theme.

Another tool we use is “Font Awesome” a comprehensive icon font. Icons are not only very pretty to look at but they give the visitor the opportunity to understand information noticeably faster. This visual stimulus might lead him into a buying decision. Instead of using pictures for your icons you can easily draw on over 500 well-matched font icons.

more information »

Many other features

All this is only a small excerpt of what our powerful affiliate theme is able to do. As a matter of course there are a lot more nice features you will love.

There are, for example, a range of well designed social media buttons. The theme has an included slider – mobile optimized of course. Furthermore we optimized our theme for several selected third-party plugins like “Yoast SEO” which again increases the PageSpeed. Last but not least we want to mention that all futher features and information can be found in our huge documentation.

more information »

Honest feedback from real customers

Our customers scored us with 4.76 stars with a total of more than 400 ratings.


Lend us your voice!

Send us an E-Mail with an photo, your link and a small review (ca. 40-60 words) and we’ll publish your testimonial right now.

I’m going to be honest when I first purchased it, I was going to ask for a refund, as the learning curve was pretty tough without much documentation. But after a couple days of digging into it, I can honestly say this is one of the best WordPress Themes I’ve ever purchased online. I am super impressed on how my site looks. Awesome work on the developer side of things that you guys have done.

Todd Langdon

The Affiliate Theme is technically highly sophisticated and ideally suitable for creating Affiliate websites. The Theme can be customised individually and gives excellent preconditons for extensive projects thanks to its various features. Especially its interfaces with Amazon, Zanox, and Affilinet help the user to save time during project planning due to automated processes. Translated; german review

I apply the Affiliate Theme on several product-related niche websites. These websites are created swiftly and the product range is kept up-to-date thanks to the plug-ins provided. What delights me most about this product, compared to similar WordPress Affiliate Themes, is the constant advancement through customer feedback, and the fast and professional support. The price is absolutely qualified by these features. Translated; german review

I, as developer, have been absolutley impressed by the Affiliate Theme. The clean code, clear documentation, and support are exemplary. Since I had to test many themes, solutions and plug-ins by other authors, and eventually had to take advantage of my own solutions in the course of time, I am more than pleased about the product´s quality and the effort which has been invested into the product by endcore. Merci guys! Translated; german review

Andreas Bufe

Because of my full-time job as online marketer, I was able to test and try several Themes in the course of time. I can warmly reccommend for creating niche websites. It does not only look very professional, it also saves you plenty of time. Additionally, you can provide your visitors with extremely helpful features such as product filters, price comparisons and product comparisons. These additional features have a positive effect on your ranking as Google loves and prefers websites with informative contents and additional features for the visitor. Translated; german review

I do not only use the Affiliate Theme with my Amazon-Affiliate projects but I also use it for any other of my projects too as the code is very clean, which enables me to increase the performance of my websites significantly. Translated; german review

Never before, have I seen a Theme which can so easily be adopted to my needs for project planning. The features, which are generally included in the Theme, cover almost everything, I need for implementing a project. Together with the outstanding support, the Affiliate Theme is unbeatable. Merci for this outstanding product. Translated; german review

Thanks to the Affiliate Theme, I need not deal with basic techniques such as tethering up the affiliate networks. Thus, I can fully focus on the product itself. Translated; german review

Through this Affiliate Theme, I can extremely simply and fast set up an affiliate project, which constitutes a significant added value for the clients thanks to its many visualisation possibilities. Hence the conversions can be raised too. Since I have used this very affiliate theme, I do not need to worry which theme I should purchase for a certain project as this affiliate theme can be successfully used for every topic. Translated; german review

I had been searching for a theme to set up my affiliate websites without problems and without applying hundreds of plug-ins for long. After long, I eventually found the Affiliate Theme by endcore. Super easy, super customisable, super product! Translated; german review

I have been using this Affiliate Theme for some time and I am very satisfied. It is not only the winning system but also the support and the way André and Christian deal with feedback and requests which is outstanding. This should serve as a role model for many other providers too. Translated; german review

Did we convince you?

The almost infinite features and opportunities you can have with our WordPress theme convinced you? Then don’t hesitate and benefit from all this today!