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What is the partner program?

Our partner program is dedicated to all people that are convinced of our product and want to promote it. You don’t have to buy the affiliate theme to become a partner.

The concept is easy. Just apply for our partner program and open your dashboard (if you bought our theme, you already have an account). On you dashboard you can find a link with your referral ID. Use this link to promote our affiliate theme and you’ll receive a revenue share for every sale you generate (cookie time: 90 days). You can use our banner ads as well.

The payout is not automatized, so please contact us, if you want to have the commissions on your account. We will transfer the money immediately to your bank account or PayPal address.

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20,00% after the 1st sale 30,00% after the 10th sale 40,00% after the 50th sale
Single 13,82 € 19,92 € 26,55 €
Multi 46,89 € 70,34 € 93,78 €
Unlimited 80,50 € 120,76 € 161,01 €

* The amounts are based on the net revenues
** The prices can be a little lower if the customer bought with a coupon
*** We reserve our right to delete commissions from failed or cancelled orders
**** It is not possible to receive commission for promoting oneself
***** Cashback / coupon publisher receive a permanent commission of 10 %

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