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You are thinking about installing affiliatetheme 2.0 or upgrading from affiliatetheme 1.x to 2.0? Some things have changed, many questions are open – Here we clarify.

What does the affiliatetheme 2.0 cost?

The basic affiliatetheme 2.0 is free. It doesn’t matter if you had an active license before or if you never had a license before.

But you have to buy a license for the WordPress plugin ACF Pro. This is the small catch of the matter. However, the prices are manageable.

ACF Pro: Why?

The affiliatetheme (in any version) needs the paid plugin ACF Pro to work. When our theme was not yet public, the plugin was included with the purchase. However, this is no longer possible with the public version. The reason for this is simply the licensing terms of the plugin.

Does it have to be the paid ACF Pro? Yes, you have to use the paid version. Via WordPress itself you can also install a free version, but this is fundamentally different and is not sufficient. Also, you can not simply upgrade this version by a license. The source code is different.

ACF Pro Webseite


We spoke to Advanced Custom Fields and were able to negotiate a 30% coupon for you. Just enter AFFILIATETHEME-G6LP23 at checkout or directly through the link below. Generally applies to the first year.

Do all plugins still work?

Yes, all already purchased plugins will continue to work after the update or with affiliatetheme 2.0.

However, the plugins will not be offered for download for the time being.

What is new in version 2.0?

In the first version we have brought the affiliatetheme to the current standards. Thereby we have fixed several bugs and made the following additions:

  • Various DSGVO topics (Especially Google Fonts and Co.)
  • PHP 8.1 compatibility

With version 2.0 we have not implemented any groundbreaking new features, but we have already taken care of an important point – runability under PHP8.1.

In addition, the essential basis has been created to continuously add new features and maintain the theme from now on. For this we are working on a roadmap based on your wishes and requirements.

The Team: Who is behind ATIO 2.0?

In order to continuously develop the theme again, to offer support, to maintain the documentation and to interact with the community again, from which the theme originated, we have put together a new team.

Besides the proven regulars André and Christian, Julian, Lucas, Martin and Olaf have joined the team. Together we will adapt the theme better to the requirements of affiliates. Martin and Olaf have been running several large affiliate websites based on the theme for a long time and were also active for the Amazon affiliate program for a long time. Lucas and Julian also come from the affiliate environment and the web software and portal development.

We are sure that with this team we can cover a wide range and bring not only the theme but affiliate marketing as a whole to a higher level. Since the pages of Olaf alone have over 2 million monthly visitors, many social media channels on all popular platforms and best contacts in the entire industry, we are open to opportunities that we did not have before. This should also benefit you, because the roadmap is always based on the needs of our customers.

endcore, Olaf and Martin know each other for almost 10 years, so we have a solid basis to achieve great things together.

How do we earn money with affiliatetheme in the future?

In the free version, all current features will remain. Already purchased plugins you can continue to use. In the free version there is initially only the interface to the Amazon affiliate program. Further interfaces will be made available for a small, fair price. We also plan a paid premium support and the expansion of the theme by many functions. Of course we are open for donations 😉

Github: Bugs, wishes, code

The affiliatetheme 2.0 is not only free, but also publicly available on

For those who don’t know Github: the platform allows developers to host, share and manage their software projects or code by offering features like version control, bug tracking and collaboration.

There, you can voice your requests, report bugs, and even suggest your own changes to the code. Check out our Github guide for more information: How does Github work (for affiliatetheme)?

affiliatetheme on Github

How to upgrade from affiliatetheme 1.x to 2.0?

Of course we have prepared a migration guide for you, so you can easily upgrade your websites to the new version of affiliatetheme. You can be happy – the process is quite quick and easy:

Upgrade affiliatetheme 1.x auf 2.0

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