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You are still using the old affiliatetheme 1.x? Then you are right here! With this little guide you can switch to affiliatetheme 2.0 within a few minutes.

ACF Pro License

Before we get to the migration, we need to talk about the WordPress plugin ACF Pro (Advanced Custom Fields).

As already discussed in our FAQ about affiliatetheme 2.0, unfortunately you have to buy a license for ACF Pro.

While affiliatetheme 2.0 is free, this has a side effect. Since the theme is now free or public, we are no longer allowed to include the plugin. However, the prices are manageable:

ACF Pro website


We spoke to Advanced Custom Fields and were able to negotiate a 30% coupon for you. Just enter AFFILIATETHEME-G6LP23 at checkout or directly through the link below. Generally applies to the first year.

Short version

Migration from version 1.x to version 2.0 is done in a few steps:

  • Create backup – always recommended 🙂
  • Install & activate ACF Pro
  • Download and install affiliatetheme 2.0 (download link)
  • Set PHP version to 8.x – finally 😉

Step by step guide – migration from affiliatetheme 1.x to 2.0

Of course we also give you an exact step by step guide how to migrate to affiliatetheme 2.0.

1. Create a backup

Before every big change you should create a backup. We will not be the first to tell you this. In our opinion, you should also create permanent backups of your WordPress website(s).

2. Download ACF Pro

First of all, as we just described, you need the ACF Pro plugin. It’s important that you use the paid version, because the free version doesn’t support the features in our theme.

In fact, the code of the free and paid version is also different. So you have to download the ACF Pro version from the members area of the ACF website. You can’t search the ACF plugin through WordPress and extend the plugin through the license.

You can find the download in your account under “Licences”:

3. Install ACF

Now you install the downloaded ZIP file via the backend of your WordPress site. It is important that you activate the plugin after the installation. This must be done before installing affiliatetheme 2.0.

With activate is only the pure activating as a WordPress plugin meant. You can also enter the license later. By the way, this happens under the menu item “Individual fields”, if you do not find the plugin 😉

4. Download affiliatetheme 2.0

The affiliatetheme 2.0 is free of charge from now on. For the migration you have to do a manual installation once. To do this, download affiliatetheme 2.0 from github or our site:

download affiliatetheme 2.0 (zip)


5. Install affiliatetheme 2.0

You install the downloaded zip file, similar to ACF Pro, via the backend of your WordPress website:

During the installation WordPress asks you if you want to replace the current theme. You confirm this and you have the affiliatetheme 2.0 installed.

If you use a child theme, you have a theme with the name affiliatetheme twice under Themes. This is perfectly normal and correct. So you don’t have to activate the new theme. If the child theme was activated, it stays activated.

You get an error or have problems?

For version 2.0 there are two crucial support or contact options:

Especially in the Facebook group you can get help quickly. There you also get help from other users of affiliatetheme.

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