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How does Github work?

The new affiliatetheme 2.0 is available via Github. For some of you, maybe for you too, this raises questions. In this post we clarify all questions about Github in connection with affiliatetheme 2.0. All general questions you can find in the affiliatetheme 2.0 FAQ. How do I find the affiliatetheme on Github? Just use the […]

affiliatetheme 2.0 is available!

We, the team of, wish you a happy new year! As we already announced, we are contacting you with good news. The affiliatetheme 2.0 is here and can now be installed and used for free. Furthermore the affiliatetheme 2.0 is now actively maintained and developed again. In general, you probably have a few questions […]

affiliatetheme: Upgrade 1.x auf 2.0

You are still using the old affiliatetheme 1.x? Then you are right here! With this little guide you can switch to affiliatetheme 2.0 within a few minutes. ACF Pro License Before we get to the migration, we need to talk about the WordPress plugin ACF Pro (Advanced Custom Fields). As already discussed in our FAQ […]

affiliatetheme 2.0 – FAQ

You are thinking about installing affiliatetheme 2.0 or upgrading from affiliatetheme 1.x to 2.0? Some things have changed, many questions are open – Here we clarify. What does the affiliatetheme 2.0 cost? The basic affiliatetheme 2.0 is free. It doesn’t matter if you had an active license before or if you never had a license […]