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The largest and most widely used interface is the Amazon API. With this interface you have access to most products Amazon is offering.

As soon as you installed the interface (see First steps), you’ll find the Amazon API under Import > Amazon.


First you have to make a few settings in order to connect to Amazon.

Access Key ID & Secret Access Key

You find these information here. Without the input of this information, you cannot connect to Amazon. Make sure, that you enter the correct information. As soon as you save your changes, a connection is made, and the result is presented immediately.

This connection test might take a few seconds.


Amazon offers the option, to use products from different countries. If you want to use products from the German Marketplace, you will have to select Germany here. Be aware, that the currency of the selected country is used!

Partner ID

Please enter here your partner ID, by which the products should be linked.


It may happen, that a product from Amazon isn’t available at the moment. The guidelines of Amazon stipulate, that such products must be marked. You have the option, to get informed, as soon as a product is no longer available. You even can make adjustments, so that the product then will automatically be set to “draft”.

E-Mail Notifications
Once a day you’ll get a report for all products, which aren’t available (anymore). With this you always have the overview for such products. The e-mail will be sent to the specified admin e-mail-address of WordPress (Setting > General > E-Mail Address). Make sure, that the reports don’t land in your spam filter, so that you can react to them.

Set a product as a draft
The product will automatically set as a draft and disappears from your page, without being deleted. As soon as the product is available again, it will automatically be published again.

Product status

With this option you can determine, with which status new imported products should be defined. You can import, for example, new products as drafts and edit them, before they are publicly visible. Alternatively you can publish them immediately.


You can globally determine, whether the product description should also be imported or not. While importing single products, you will still have the option to decide, whether you want the description to be imported or not. This is only the global value.

Customer reviews

If you check this box, a link to the customer reviews (external link to Amazon) will be integrated in the tabs on all your product pages.


In this tab you can search for products via the API. There are several options:

  • Search for keyword in categories (at least 3 characters!)
  • Search for ASINs

Keyword search

The easiest and most widely used method is the search for keywords. You can, for example, search for “Samsung Galaxy S6” and then get the matching search results.

With the search results, there are a few standards on the part of Amazon:

  • Max. 10 products per page
  • Max. ca. 35 products per search request (so a maximum of 3-4 pages)
  • Products which are not available won’t be displayed / searched for

This is why we recommend, to make your search request via keywords as exact as possible.

Search for ASINs

You also can search for products with a list of ASINs. Please use 1 ASIN per row, do NOT separate them with a comma or a semicolon! Alternatively you can use the ASIN grabber. An URL could, for example, a page of a category. The ASIN grabber then filters every ASINs of the page and fills the field for the search. After that you can search directly for ASINs.

Import Procedure

After the search is finished, the import follows. You can either import the desired products via the Single-Import-Button (small “plus-character” on the right side) or via the mass import. The mass import works through the checking of the respective product and the button “Import selected products”.

In addition you have the Quick-Import (small bolt beside the “plus-character), which publishes your product-posts automatically and adopts all the information unchanged from Amazon. The information can be edited of course, as well as with the other two import-options.


In the API log every events (import, updates, etc.) are recorded. This lets you track any particular event. The log only shows the last 200 entries. If it gets too confusing, you can delete the log manually.


Here you have the possibility to adjust the button-text of the “Buy-Button”, for all Amazon products. If you leave these fields empty, the general texts will be used by default.

More features of the API

Automatic updates of prices (Obligation with Amazon, if you want to show the prices!)
Already imported products will be highlighted in green and provided with a button for instant editing.

For some time, Amazon has also external products. Instead of buying them via Amazon, you will be forwarded to an external website. For this product you won’t get any compensation. In order to not get such products, there is a warning in the overview.
Commissions are already shown in the backend by reference to the price / category (when delivered). We maintain our list constantly – it’s not completed yet.

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