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This option concerns the archive of the entered products. Provided that you didn’t deactivate the archive, you can make some adjustments regarding the layout and the display of the products.


Determine the position of your sidebar or deactivate it completely.

Proportion (content/sidebar)

Provided you have activated the sidebar, you can determine here the proportion between the content and the sidebar. This means, you can switch between a narrow or wider sidebar. Just see how your widgets work best.


Determine the display of the products/items. (list/grid)

Products/items per page

Set the number of products/items per page. The value -1 stands for all. There will be no pagination.


Under this item you can define the product display on the automatic archive-page of your taxonomy.

User filter

With this option you’ll give your visitors the possibility to control the sorting and the display manually. For this a new bar is added above the list.

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