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This filter is a bit more complex, but also very powerful. You can completely adjust the output of the product features. We have commented the code for easy use.

In this example we intercept the field wlan; look if it has the value NOPE and replace the value with another one; possible would be a Font-Awesome icon. The whole thing is limited to the output of fields in tables.

add_filter('at_render_product_fields', 'at_set_wlan_field_value', 11, 3);
function at_set_wlan_field_value($fields, $post_id, $pos) {
	if($pos == 'table') { // Nur in der Tabelle
		if(isset($fields['wlan'])) { // intercept field
			if($fields['wlan']['value'] == 'NOPE') { // intercept value
				$fields['wlan']['value'] = 'Neuer Wert'; // new value
	return $fields;

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