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At this point you will find settings for the posts page.


Determine the position of your sidebar or deactivate it completely.

Ratio (content/sidebar)

Provided you have activated the sidebar, you can determine here the proportion between the content and the sidebar. This means, you can switch between a narrow or wider sidebar. Just see how your widgets work best.

Post meta

With this setting, you can enable “Post meta” for your posts. This includes the following informations, which you can hide individually:

  • Published by/li>
  • Date
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Comments

In addition, you can specify which position on post page this information should appear.

About the author

With this feature you can display information about the author (picture + biography).

Ähnliche Beiträge

Now follows a more extensive item, the similar posts. First, these can be de-/activated like almost anything else. But if you activate them, there will be a couple of additional settings.

For example, you can choose how many similar posts should be displayed.

Then the layout. Here the posts can be displayed in a grid (example). By selecting this, 3 posts with images will be displayed side by side. The second option is thumbnail (list). Here the images will be displayed on the left and the text will appear on the right. This looks similar to the blog-view “thumbnail”. Alternatively the posts can be displayed as a normal list.

Then you can adjust the filter. Either, if no filter is set, a number of X random posts will be drawn. Otherwise, if you need something more specific, you can define the sorting on the basis of the category or the key words (or both). This means, only posts with the same category (and/or with the same key words) will be displayed, which are naturally more “similar”. Finally you can determine the sorting.

Post Navigation

With the Post Navigation you can navigate on the bottom of the page to the previous or next post.

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