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Not exactly. Technically, you can always upgrade a single license, or even multiple licenses.

If you for example purchased two licenses you can contact us prior to the purchase and we will award you a voucher for the second license as a gesture of goodwill.

We kindly ask for your understanding that we can offer this procedure for a maximum of 2 licenses.

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Celestina Alabi 6. December 2018 um 17:15

If I purchase the multiple licence and I like it and I want to upgrade to unlimited, do I just pay the difference ?


André 10. December 2018 um 11:04

Yes. If you bought the single license for 79,- EUR and want to upgrade for the Multi you have to pay just 200,- EUR instead of 279,- EUR. And once again you want to upgrade to Unlimited, you have to pay 200,- EUR instead of 279,- EUR.


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