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It happens from time to time that you are installing an interface and when adding it there is a connection error. It is tricky to immediately predict the cause. But we have a few ideas and suggestions to quickly solve this problem. If it turns out to be another reason than the 2 listed below, feel free to contact us on our forums to find more precise guidance.


One of the most common causes for connection errors is simply incorrect login data.
We wrote a detailed article about it (here). If you are facing problems with Amazon please give it a CAREFUL read. Also double-check the data using the Scratchpad and see if Amazon reports an error or not.

Another problem we often hear about is hosts not allowing access to external sites. In this case, please contact your host.

A further common problem is old PHP versions or simply missing PHP functions. Please take a look at our “Debug Information” to get rid of this problem.


With affilinet it is also often times incorrect login data or incorrect server times (for example when the server time is 1 hour earlier) which makes Affilinet think your request is outdated, and thus blocking it.

With other plugins we have not heard of any bigger connection issues aside of the ones mentioned above.

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