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Fakeshop (!)

As soon as you activate the Fakeshop, your shop won’t have any product detail pages anymore and will link straight to the destination URL, which you deposited for your product. If you have defined multiple prices for one product, the price at the top will always be selected. For Fakeshops in general it’s inadvisable to have multiple prices per product.

Permalink (!)

With this option you can adjust the URL structure of your products. Having not changed the standard, your products are called up under the following URL:

You can freely adjust the value product or remove it completely. Please be aware, that the removal of the slug can lead to 404 errors, at least in some installations. After doing this, please test your website for errors.

Archive Permalink (!)

WordPress automatically creates a new archive for every post-type, hence also for products. With this option, you can adjust the URL of the archives, or deactivate the archive completely. The standard URL for the archive is as follows:

If you deactivate the archive, you may have to implement a redirection for this URL, because otherwise, the visitors could land on an error page.

Cloaker (!)

The Cloaker lets you disguise the destination URLs, so that it’s not directly evident for the visitor, on which page he will land. In addition, the URLs are significantly shorter. Also you can track the outgoing clicks more easily. The structure of an URL is as follows:

If you activate the Cloaker, you will also be able to adjust the URL. This means that you can change the /out/-part of the URL.

Important note: In theory, amazon forbids the cloaking of URLs, since they won’t know, from which website a visitor was redirected. Therefore the reminder: Be aware that you use this function at your one own risk!

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