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We do not offer the interfaces to be included directly into the theme, but rather as external plugins. This has the advantage that you only have to install those interfaces that you really need.

The installation of the different interfaces stays the same. You can install them in the WordPress backend as well as upload them via FTP and then activate them.

1. Installation via WordPress backend

First, download your desired interface as .zip-file. You can find them, after you bought the desired interface, in your profile or in your order confirmation e-mail.

The following downloads are available for you:

  5. … etc.

Following this you open the page Plugins › Install in the WordPress backend and click on Upload Plugin. Next you search your computer for the affiliatetheme-*.zip and upload it.

As soon as the plugin is uploaded you can activate it.

2. Installation via FTP

You also can upload the plugin via FTP and activate it afterwards in the backend of WordPress. Just open your FTP connection to your server and navigate to this folder: /wp-content/plugins/

Following this, you unpack the plugin .zip-file and upload the now unpacked folder in the /plugins/-folder in WordPress.

As soon as the plugin is uploaded you can activate it under Plugins.

After the activation, the plugin will appear as a separate item in the Import-Dashboard. You can find this on the bottom of the main navigation page in the backend, just above the Debug-page.

For more information on plugin-installation via WordPress backend, please click here.

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