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There are several ways to install the Affiliate Theme in WordPress.

1. Installation via WordPress backend

First, download our theme. You can find the download, after you bought the theme, in your profile or in your order confirmation e-mail.

The following downloads are available for you:

  1. AffiliateTheme (main theme)
  2. AffiliateTheme – Child Theme (optional)
  3. Plugin: Amazon interface
  4. Plugin: affilinet interface
  5. Plugin: zanox interface
  6. … etc.

Following this, you open in the backend section of WordPress the page Design › Themes and click on Install. On the following page, you click on Upload Theme, search your computer for the and upload it.

As soon as the theme is uploaded, you can activate it.

2. Installation via FTP

You also can upload the theme via FTP and activate it afterwards in the backend of WordPress. Just open your FTP connection to your server and navigate to this folder: /wp-content/themes/

Here you create a folder with the name affiliatetheme and put all the content of the into the folder. It is essential that you put the file structure in the .zip-file directly into the folder. Don’t create any sub-folders! Also please mind the spelling of the folder affiliatetheme. Otherwise you may have problems with automatic updates of the theme.

As soon as the theme is uploaded you can activate it via the backend through Design › Themes.

You can find more information on theme installation via WordPress backend here.


After the theme is activated, our theme-tour will welcome you. All important sections of the theme are presented and briefly described. You should view this tour if you have not had any experience with our theme.


In order to use the theme, you have to activate it, obviously. You can find your license key in your profile, as well as in the order-confirmation you got.

Please navigate to the section Design › License in the WordPress backend to activate the theme. Enter the license key into the field license key and press the button Apply Changes. As a result, the license will be saved in the database and can be activated with a click on activate.

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Benjamin Towers 4. April 2017 um 14:43

I was not offered a theme-tour after installation. And your description above does not tell me where I can go to see this tour. (Or perhaps the offer of a tour was in German, and I didn’t understand the message). Can you tell me how I can access this retrospectively? Thank you.


André 10. April 2017 um 8:45

Hey Benjamin, maybe it was the same problem with your setup at the start. The tour isn’t startable again. Anyways it doesn’t tell you anything special. The tour just shows you where to find products, shops and settings. 🙂


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