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If you have not defined a picture in each blog post or product, you can activate placeholder images. In the standard, a placeholder image is displayed with the logo.

To load your own placeholder images, we offer you the possibility to define your own placeholder image for each output. These differ mainly in in der Größe.

The following sizes are available:

  • Product selection (Widget) – 50px x 50px
  • Table (Product) – 100px x 100px
  • Thumbnail (Blog) – 150px x 150px
  • List (Product) – 162px x 162px
  • Grid (Product) – 262px x 262px
  • Post Image (Sidebar 9/3, Blog) – 263px x 138px
  • Post Image (Sidebar 8/4, Blog) – 360px x 189px
  • Gallery (Product) – 360px x 360px
  • Post Image Fullwidth (Sidebar 9/3, Blog) – 848px x 446px
  • Post Image Fullwidth (withour Sidebar, Blog) – 1140px x 600px

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Jonas Becker 22. June 2017 um 21:59

Hello! I defined multiple pictures in my galery, but the preview image still stays there. My new pictures are just always behind the preview ones. But why does it even exists if I set my own images? Is there a solution for this problem?


André 23. June 2017 um 9:26

Hey, the first image appears don’t have to be inside the gallery, you have to set this image as a featured image (right side). 🙂


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