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Here are some settings for the prices of your products.

Disable prices globally

With this option, you can disable prices on your page globally.

Old price

This feature is very interesting. If you activate this option, the given old price (e.g. recommended retail price) will be crossed out and will stand beside the current price.

If you use an Amazon, affilinet or Zanox product via the API, and during the price update it’s ascertained, that a cheaper price is available, the old, more expensive price will be used as the old price and put in the old price field.

Price format

Here you can define the format of your prices.

Standard currency

Set the default currency for your products. Warning: This applies only to new products – not to existing products!

Position of the currency

Here you can choose how the currency should be displayed.

General note (e.g., VAT)

Will be displayed below the prices. This notice can be overwritten for any individual product/item. The field is below the currency. By default the information “incl. 19% statutory VAT“ is noted.

Price update

Define the output format for the price update. Price updating is an important component if you promote products from amazon.

Show price update notice

Here you can define where the price update hint is to be displayed.

Disable automatic sorting by price

By default prices in your product are sorted from lowest to highest price, so that the lowest price is always on top. If you want to set your own order, deactivate this feature.

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