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The price checks gives you the possibility to show your customers several prices from different shops.

The basis of this feature is the post-type Shops. At this point you should maintain different shops, in order to select them later in the product. When you edit a product, you can maintain the prices in the tab General. Here you can add as many prices from as many shops as you want. Once you save a product, it will automatically be sorted by price, so that the cheapest shop will always be shown at the top of the comparison.

Output of the price check

Basically there are two types of presentation for the price check: Above the product description (big table) or beside the gallery, as surrogate for the price-box. You can choose your desired type of presentation with the option display price check. You find this option in the tab General.

The Output of the price check can be global or controlled for each product. With the option Hide Price Check you can, for example, override the globally set presentation for this product.

If you want to place the price check e.g. in a running text (e.g. description), you can work with the shortcode [pricecheck]. For further information, click here.

Fill price check with affilinet

If you use the affilinet interface, you can fill the price check automatically via affilinet. The only requirement: The product needs a valid EAN. If you have activated the plugin for the affilinet interface, a new box for the price check will appear on the product editing page. With a click on Perform Price Check you start the search for products with the same EAN. The result can be then imported with a click. That applies for the interface (search) also. Once the import is done, you should save the product and refresh.

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