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We have implemented two variants for the ratings of products, which have nothing to do with the star-ratings, but represent so-called review-boxes.

First, there is the Style 0-100%, for which the value is presented as a bar (view demo).

In the lower repeater-field Reviews you can add a value via the button Add entry, which has a Name (description), the value of course (from 0 to 100) and finally a conclusion, or small reference.

In addition you can insert a general conclusion for the product, as well as the date you created the review.

The second Style (0-x points) works similar to the %-rating. (view demo)

Here you can define a maximum value and change its presentation. For this we use the library of Font Awesome (…). By default these are stars with a full star, half star and an empty star.

The rest in the lower repeater-field works exactly like the earlier review-box.

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