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In this tab, you’ll find information, which are not sorted to any particular subject, but are important nonetheless. You have the following options:

Direct linking product images

With this option, product pictures will be directly linked to the destination URL.

Link target for external products

Here you can specify the link destination for outbound links (e.g. product link).

Disable star ratings

Here you can disable the star ratings globally.

Disable your reviews

Here you can disable the reviews globally.

Fallback for yes/no field

If you use a yes/no field for the product settings, you can determine, what should be displayed, provided whether you check the field or not. By default, a checkmark is for “yes”, a cross for “no”.

In the field you can use html code, e.g. for a Font-Awesome icon. You can find a list of suitable icons here or here. here or here.

Also you have the option to use a simple image. For this you have to use the img-tag (

Fallback for empty fields in the comparison table

If a field is not filled in the comparison table for a product, a fallback appears, which can be defined here.

Taxonomy in the grid-layout

With this option you can display a taxonomy in the grid view. This is especially useful, if you, for example, want to show a manufacturer or the brand. This will then be displayed above the product title. If you activate this option, you can choose from the adjacent taxonomies, which should be used for this.

Hide buttons outside of the overlay

This setting allows you to hide the buttons outside the overlay (Grid Hover).

Hide buttons in overlay

This setting allows you to hide the buttons inside the overlay (Grid Hover).

Hide images in overlay

This setting allows you to hide the images inside the overlay (Grid Hover).

Hide text in overlay

This setting allows you to hide the text inside the overlay (Grid Hover).

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