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Here you can adjust a few settings for the product-detail page.


Determine the position of your sidebar on the filter-page or deactivate in completely.

Ratio (content / sidebar)

If you have activated the sidebar, you can define the proportion of the content and the sidebar. You can switch between a narrow and a wider sidebar. Just see how your widgets work best.

Price trend

Use this setting to enable the price trend. If this setting is enabled, a price chart appears on the details page. However, it can take a few days to collect enough data (price changes) for the chart. You can find an example of the price trend here.

Reviews by visitors

With this feature, you visitors canr rate products in the comments. This affects the star ratings. Note: You must have activated the comments (experience reviews)!

Similar products

This section is a bit more complex. For any product you can display “similar products”, which may help the visitor in finding even more fitting products. This will ultimately increase the interaction and the length of stay of your visitors. The similar products pop up (if activated) in a tab below the product details. You have a few possibilities to filter the similar products:

Limit selection: What criterion should be used to filter the products in the data base? You have the possibility to filter for given taxonomies. If you have marked a product with the taxonomy “Manufacturer” and the value “Siemens”, additional products of the same manufacturer will be looked for.

Number of products: Here you can define the number of products which will be displayed. Please consider: Not every product will have X similar products – so maybe only a small number of (similar) products will be displayed.

Layout: Determine the layout of the products (list, grid).

Sorting: Determine the sorting of the products.

Order: Determine the order of the products.


For any given product you can link to corresponding accessories. For example: If you offer skateboards, you can link directly to helmets and other protection gear. The accessories appear, like the similar products, in a tab below the product details.

Layout: Determine the layout of the products (list, grid).

Product data

If you use a lot of “own fields” (custom fields) for your products, you can also display them in an extra area (such as a tab) on your product page, which we call: Product data. If you activate the product data, you can create a field group with the rule View = Product data.


By default, information like description, user reports, similar products and accessories are displayed in tabs. If you want a display without tabs, you have to activate this setting.

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