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Important note: After changes in this section are made, it’s often necessary to save the “permalinks” of your installation anew. This prevents, in most cases, a 404 error in your frontend. To do this, just open the item “Settings > Permalinks”. Just by opening the item, the permalinks will already be saved.

At critical sections, we put a red exclamation point (!) besides them – within these settings you absolutely should save your permalinks.

Permalink (!)

With this option you can adjust the URL structure of your shops. Having not changed the standard, your shops are called up under the following URL:

You can freely adjust the value “shop” or remove it completely. Please be aware, that the removal of the slug can lead to 404 errors, at least in some installations. After doing this, please test your website for errors.

Archive Permalink (!)

WordPress automatically creates a new archive for every post-type, hence also for shops. With this option, you can adjust the URL of the archives, or deactivate the archive completely.

The standard URL for the archive is as follows:

If you deactivate the archive, you may have to implement a redirection for this URL, because otherwise, the visitors could land on an error page.

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