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With the Accordion-shortcode you can create lists that open/close. The structure of the shortcodes follows the logic of the tab-shortcodes.


[accordiongroup id="1"]
[accordion title="your title here" group="1" active="true"]your content here[/accordion]
[accordion title="your second title here" group="1" active=""]your content here[/accordion]

Attribute accordiongroup

Name Content Default value Meaning
id Number Here the ID of the toggle-group is defined. If there is more than one toggle-group, the next one must have the ID 2.
markup Text default Use this parameter to control the schema output. You can use the value “faq” to output a FAQ rich snippet markup (

Attribute accordion

Name Content Default value Meaning
title Text Here the name of the accordion is defined.
group Zahl Here you have to specify the ID from the accordiongroup-shortcode.
active true / false false If the toggle is set to active=“true“, it will be displayed as open. Others are closed.

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