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With this shortcode you have the option to present a certain number of posts from your blog on your page.


[blogposts orderby="date" order="DESC" limit="4" layout="small"]

Attribute blogposts

Name Content Dafault value Meaning
orderby ID, author, title, name, date, modified, rand, comment_count, menu_order date Sorting of the products. An extensive documention can be found in the WordPress Codex.
order various DESC Order of the sorting.
Here it is defined, how the sorting should operate (ascending/descending)
asc Sorts the products by ascending (z => a // 1 => 999)
desc Sorts the products by descending.
limit Number 4 Sets the limit on how many entries should be displayed.
layout various small Display of the entries
small Display of the entries as thumbnail-list (Left article image / right meta + (extract))
large Big article image over complete width, content is presented below.
list Simple list
category_name various Name of the desired categorie.
If posts/entries shall be displayed in a certain category, this category can be specified here. Please specify the slug of the category.

Further parameters are found here.

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