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Generally tabs don’t have to be explained. The structure of the shortcodes is also relatively self-explanatory. For one, around the actual tab-shortcodes you have to put a tab-shortcode. It can have the attributes “id” and “titles”. The ID will be necessary, if you want to use several tabs on one page and is meant for the unique allocation of the individual tabs. Titles are the headlines of the tabs. Within this shortcode, the

-shortcodes are recorded. The “ID” has to be a unique one for every tab and helps the titles to identify, which tabs should be activated. The “tabid” refers to the respective ID of the “tab”.


[tabs id="1" titles="Titel 1, Titel 2"]
[tab id="1" tid="1"]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.[/tab]
[tab id="2" tid="1"]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.[/tab]

Attribute tabs

Name Content Default value Meaning
id Number 1 The number of the tab. If there are more tab-areas, the following tab-area will need the ID “2”.
titles Text Defines the headlines of the individual tabs.

Attribute tab

Name Content Default value Meaning
id Number Defines the ID of the individual tab. Has to be ongoing.
tid Number 1 Here you have to specify the ID from the tab-shortcode.

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