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The options for the slider / teaser are very manageable. In the options you can only define the layout-style and, if necessary, deactivate the slider globally.

Each page, each post, as well as the page-builder all have their own field for the slider, with individual options, so that you can personalize it each time you use it.

The options are as follows:

  1. The indicators (small dots) can be de-/activated
  2. The Arrows can also be de-/activated
  3. The time period for changing the contents of the slider can also be defined
  4. The effect of the change from the first to the second image can be defined. Default configuration in Bootstrap is the push from right to left. As an additional option, we implemented a fade-effect.
Please note: These options only apply, when at least two images are selected at the item “images”. If only one picture is selected, the slider will be a normal banner.

In the just mentioned item Images you can define the individual “slides”. Here we worked with a so-called repeater field, which enables you to create an infinite number of slides.

Any of these repeater fields have three options: background color, image and text

If the picture, for example, is only half of the page size and also has an outward color gradient, the background color can be defined. Thereby the slider appears to go along the whole page.

But even when you don’t use a picture, but text only, this bar can be matched with the background color.

As was already said, you also can use just one image. Then the dynamic slider will be a static banner.

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