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Innately, our theme provides its own social media buttons. So you won’t have to use an overloaded plugin for this feature and there won’t be any problems concerning the presentation of said buttons.

Another advantage is, that our buttons comply with the German data protection regulations, since the connection to Facebook and others will only be established when clicking the button.

As social networks (buttons) there are now

  • facebook (like/share)
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Xing
  • WhatsApp (Of course only on mobile terminals)
  • Email

Below the network-selection you can find a range of further features. For example, you can de-/activate the counter for the social signals, the text can be de-/activated and the size of the buttons can be defined.

In the mobile view, the text and the counter are hidden automatically.

Furthermore you can set the position of the buttons independently for any area of your website (blog, pages, and products). Or you can hide them completely.

In addition there is a shortcode

which you can used within the content. For example: You may want to deactivate the social buttons for the pages in general, but for one specific page you still want to have a button-bar.

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