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The use of taxonomies is very convenient and is endorsed. Especially when you have a lot of products and want to categorize them.

Broadly speaking a taxonomy is basically similar to the categories or keywords of posts. We offer the possibility to create an infinite amount of those taxonomies. To make it easy and clear, it’s recommended to use only categorizations that make sense. For example:

  • Manufacturer / Brand
  • Type

As soon as you created the taxonomy, you can match the product accordingly, while being in the editing process. The fields for this are in the right column, right below the publish-button and the image of the post.

Create a taxonomy

When you create a taxonomy, you have to fill the following fields:

Name Description
Name Will be shown in the backend and frontend.
Permalink Is used in the URL. Please make sure, that you don’t use any blank characters, special characters or CAPS.
Hierarchy WordPress offers 2 types of taxonomies. One with a hierarchy, and another without. This best compared with the taxonomies from the post-section:

  • Categories: with hierarchy (you can define several layers)
  • Keywords: without hierarchy (you will NOT be able to define sub-layers)
Frontend You have the possibility to display the taxonomy directly in the frontend. It will then be shown in the details-page or the grid-/list-view above the settings. If you don’t check the box, you can still use the taxonomy for the filter or utilize it for the navigation.
Display Under this item you choose the product display on the automatic archive-page of your taxonomy.
Sidebar Define the position of your sidebar on the archive page or deactivate it completely.
Proportion (content/sidebar) Provided you have activated the sidebar, you can determine here the proportion between the content and the sidebar. This means, you can switch between a narrow or wider sidebar. Just see how your widgets work best.
Sorting Determine the sorting of the products on your archive-page.
Order Determine the order of the products on your archive-page.
Products per page How many products should be displayed per page?
User filter Should the user get a filter in which they can customize the display and sorting of the products manually?
Filter description This note is displayed in the filter (Page Builder / Sidebar) below the selection.
Important note: The permalink has to be unique and must not appear in the installation a second time. In addition, there are slugs reserved by WordPress, which also may not be used. You can find the list here: (

As soon as you created a taxonomy, you should save the permalinks to avoid a 404-error.

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