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With this interface the partner programs of TradeTracker are available for you.


First you have to make certain settings in order to connect to TradeTracker.

Customer ID & Passphrase

First of all you have to create an account on TradeTracker. Once you’ve logged into your dashboard, go to “Creatives » Webservices“. You can find the Customer ID & Passphrase under the tab “Access” on the right side of the page. If the passphrase is not already displayed, it can be generated there. Copy the Customer ID and passport and paste it into the TradeTracker interface under Settings.


Please specify the currency to perform the search. You have all currencies available in the TradeTracker API.

Product status

With this option you can determine, with which status new imported products should be defined. You can import, for example, new products as drafts and edit them, before they are publicly visible. Alternatively you can publish them immediately.


You can globally determine, whether the product description should also be imported or not. While importing single products, you will still have the option to decide, whether you want the description to be imported or not. This is only the global value.


In this tab you can search for products via the API. Use a keyword for the search. The more accurate you define the keyword, the better the search result will be. You have the option to search in all available partner programs (shop) and categories, or to filter for exact these criteria.

Import procedure

After the search is finished, the import follows. You can either import the desired products via the Single-Import-Button (small “plus-character” on the right side) or via the mass import. The mass import works through the checking of the respective product and the button “Import selected products”.

In addition you have the Quick-Import (small bolt beside the “plus-character), which publishes your product-posts automatically and adopts all the information unchanged from TradeTracker. The information can still be edited of course, as well as with the other two import-options.


In the API log every events (import, updates, etc.) are recorded. This lets you track any particular event. The log only shows the last 200 entries. If it gets too confusing, you can delete the log manually.


Here you have the possibility to adjust the button-text of the “Buy-Button”, for all TradeTracker products. If you leave these fields empty, the general texts will be used by default.

For all TradeTracker products there is a specialty: Because products theoretically originate from different shops / partner programs, you can place the respective shop with place-holder. The input would look like this:

Buy at %s now

The output then would look like this, for example:

By at OTTO now

As title, the theme uses the title, which is deposited for the article in the shop (post-title). This title can be adjusted.

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