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With this widget you can choose a certain product that will be shown in the sidebar. If you, for example, have a guide for dealing with “flatulence” and you have the sub-page “What to do against flatulence?”, “psyllium husks” will often be recommended. Now, in a case like this you don’t have to show 10 products, but can rather put this widget into the sidebar, choose a product (e.g. BrandName Psyllium Husks (1000g package)) and it will be displayed there, linking directly to Amazon, etc.

The widget offers the following options:

Show Rating

Show Rating (on/off).

Link Thumbnail

The product will be linked. The destination is defined with the next option.

Destination of the link

Destination of the link in the thumbnail. (product page/shop)

Show price

Shows the product price

Show Detail-Button

Display of the Detail-Button. (Link to product page)

Show Buy-Button

Display of the Buy-Button. (Link to the shop)

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