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What does the publisher have to do to use the Yadore interface?

1. registration

First you have to register via and enter your data there. It would be optimal if you directly indicate your website which you want to advertise later. This increases the chances that you will be activated for the network, since Yadore already sees in advance what you intend to do with the data. Because not every webmaster is automatically accepted for Yadore.

2. manual check

Now Yadore will look at your “application” accordingly and, if there are any questions, will contact you as soon as possible via the deposited e-mail address. If Yadore is satisfied with your site and there is nothing to criticize, you will be created as a publisher and get an API key, which you have to enter in your WordPress backend as usual from the other interfaces, to establish a connection.

3. the interface

There is also the possibility that you can get access to the interface of Yadore. All you have to do is contact them and ask.

4. Click Fraud

Since CPC is paid for here, Click Fraud is taken very seriously and severely punished. So please be fair and let your users click and don’t click yourself.

That’s all! Happy conversion 🙂

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