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With the plugin WP All Import it’s easy to import CSV files and it also works perfectly with the product structure. However, the “ELITE BUNDLE” costs $199, but since we work with ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) fields this version is the only option; until now!

We have written an own addon for WP All Import, which allows you to import CSV files from online stores, which are not covered by our api interfaces or which do not offer a product feed.

Quick manual

Before you install our extension, make sure you have installed the WP All Import plugin (

1. After activating the WP All Import Addon, go to All Import and New Import in your backend.

2. Now you click on Upload file, select the file on your PC and wait until it’s uploaded. Then select Products from the “Create new”dropdown and go to “Step 2”.

3. Here you can check briefly if WP All Import has collected the data correctly and maybe filter it below. If everything if fine, go ahead to “Step 3”.

4. Now you have to drag and drop the individual elements from the right side into the appropriate fields.

Important Images can’t be imported in the free version, but we have made something of course. 😉 You can simply define them in the “Product Picture” field inside the “affiliatetheme product information” tab. 🙂

5. A special feature is setting up categories. These are often defined in a CSV with a hierarchy, such as: Books & Movies > Movies > Guide

To do this, select a taxonomy you have created from Taxonomies, Categories, Tags tab. After that you have to choose the radio button Posts have hierarchical (parent/child) Categories (i.e. Sports > Golf > Clubs > Putters) and then the checkbox an element in my file contains the entire hierarchy (i.e. you have an element with a value = Sports > Golf > Clubs > Putters). Now you can drag and drop your field value into the upper field and the define the separator in the small field below it.

6. Once this is done, go to step 4, enter a unique identifier (for example, the EAN or item number), then click “continue”. On the last page of this setup, you can Confirm & Start import.

7. Under the menu Manage Imports you can manage, adapt and restart your import processes. If you move the mouse over the name, the quick menu Import Settings will appear, which you can use to change the source file again. All settings remain as far as possible.