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Please read the text completely to the end so that no ambiguities arise.

The following message is unfortunately not a marketing blah blah for Black Friday and it is not easy for us to go this way. We’ve been racking our brains about it a lot lately and in the end came to the conclusion that we have to discontinue our project in its current form.

As many have probably already noticed, we have not been able to implement the many great ideas of our users in the roadmap lately. This is mainly due to the fact that we can not find employees for our agency and we simply lack the resources in front and behind to be able to continue to operate the project properly.

But so that we don’t leave everyone out in the cold from one day to the next, some of whom have been using our theme for years, and so that we don’t step away without comment like other providers and play dead, we have come up with the following approach:

From 12/01/2021 to 12/31/2021, anyone who wants to will have the opportunity to buy for the last time with a 50% discount. The coupon for this is GOODBYE50.

Due to this decision, we are deliberately skipping this year’s Black Friday. In addition, we will clearly indicate the occurrences on the website both in the pricing and in the checkout.

On 01/01/2022, we will first stop the sale completely. Everyone who has a valid license will of course receive the usual support via our forum within its duration. Also, during this time we will continue to fix bugs in the theme or through e.g. WordPress updates as soon as possible, so that we can keep our promise that everyone who paid for the theme will be able to use it fully and your projects will be secured in the best possible way.

We will also try to find an investor who can take over the theme and develop it further. If we find a good candidate for us, you will hear about it immediately. We are definitely not looking at the money, but we are looking for someone who wants to continue working on this project with at least as much passion as we do.

If we don’t find a buyer until 12/31/2022, the website incl. forum and co. will be shut down and we will publish the source code for free use on However, without ACF Pro (Advanced Custom Fields Pro), because the distribution of the Pro license for free themes / plugins is not allowed. From this point on, everyone has the opportunity to work on the project or create their own fork. Of course, it would be desirable if a handful of developers could be found at this point to keep the project alive for the community.

This decision was not easy for us and we hope for your understanding.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. At this point we would also like to give a hint to all affiliates: please contact us in the course of January regarding the payment of possible open commissions.

Otherwise, all that remains is to say that we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year in what we hope will be a better 2022.


– Cheers, André & Christian

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