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The new affiliatetheme 2.0 is available via Github. For some of you, maybe for you too, this raises questions. In this post we clarify all questions about Github in connection with affiliatetheme 2.0. All general questions you can find in the affiliatetheme 2.0 FAQ.

How do I find the affiliatetheme on Github?

Just use the following button or the link to the repository/project of affiliatetheme on Gitbhub:

affiliatetheme on Github

What is Github?

The platform allows developers to host, share and manage their software projects or code.

Among other things, Github offers the practical functions of version control, bug tracking and collaboration. In addition to the code, bugs can also be reported and ideas and wishes can be contributed.

How Github works

Let’s look at the different areas of Github in detail.


In the tab “Code” you can find the source code of the affiliatetheme in the current version. At this place you can also view and download the source code.

The easiest way to get the latest installation file is via our link: download affiliatetheme 2.x.

Alternatively you can choose the way via Github. Because besides the source code you can also create or download the file for the installation here. By the way, you don’t need an account on Github for that.

You can always find the most stable version under the “Release” link. There you click on it and then download the zip file. You can then install it.

Alternatively, you can use the current source code. However, if you are a loaner, we do not recommend this.



You have found a bug? Under the Issues tab you can report bugs, which will be handled by the team. It’s kind of like the previous forum on our site. However, on Github it is available for everyone to see. You need an account on, which is free of charge.

Pull Requests

For the code-savvy or programmers among you, this tab is relevant. If you have made changes / improvements to the code, you can provide it to us. After checking for errors and its relevance, we will integrate the code into the theme if necessary.


The Discussion section is for general questions and feature requests. Not for bugs, those came under Issues 😉

Basically this area works like the forum before. To write here you also need an account on, which is still free of charge.


At the end we have the projects section. Here we will deposit and process the issues, our ideas, as well as your wishes. This area is our roadmap for future releases. So you have a good overview of what is being worked on and when approximately which change will come.

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